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By Mario R. García on Dec 16, 2014

New study about tablet ads: some surprises

It seems everywhere we go, the discussion turns to trends in advertising.  Specifically, there is much curiosity in anything that includes the words “native ad”.  Now a study from Scandinavia offers us some insights.

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By Mario R. García on Dec 15, 2014

Rolling Stone rape story and the role of graphics

I was visiting the Poynter Institute last week when my colleague Dr. Roy Peter Clark called to my attention the graphic treatment of the now most discussed coverage of an alleged rape at the University of Virginia. Dr. Clark has now written about his observations. It’s must reading for storytellers and graphic designers.

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By Mario R. García on Dec 14, 2014

Two tablet-perfect stories to inspire

They are two very different stories: one is solemn and tells about a farewell to one of Canada’s giants in the sport of hockey, the other one is pure fun, combining movie stars and kissing, without a word uttered. Yet, both stories do what good stories always do: engage us.

Tags: design, storytelling, the craft, video, newspapers, tablet, Canada, USA, The Montreal Gazette, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Dec 11, 2014

De Telegraaf: two months after launch of tabloid format

It was October 10 when readers of the Dutch daily, De Telegraaf, encountered a smaller version of their newspaper on their kitchen table.  Two months and more than 63000 subscribers later, the tabloid is a resounding success. We are back in Amsterdam for a follow up visit.

Tags: design, newspapers, Netherlands, De Telegraaf

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By Mario R. García on Dec 10, 2014

Sketching: whether hand drawn or electronic, always start with a sketch

This week’s blog post unveiling some of my hand drawn sketches for projects through the years really got some of our readers excited. They also have prompted a discussion about electronic sketching and posterity.

Tags: design, the craft

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By Mario R. García on Dec 10, 2014

Thinking advertising strategies

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By Mario R. García on Dec 09, 2014

When sketching by hand was the only way

It was an archeological dig of sorts: combing through many of the project files in my home office. You see, I am turning over the house where I have lived 27 years to new owners.  Time to review the files, discard, repack, and, in the process, take a look at all those hand drawn sketches, all of which tell stories of the project that was.

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By Mario R. García on Dec 07, 2014

Montreal Gazette’s iPad edition: remembering a tragedy

It's only a few weeks since The Montreal Gazette, a Postmedia newspaper in Canada, introduced a new look and a new way of how news is presented in the digital age. A highlight of that launch is the evening tablet edition.  The Friday edition shows us why.

Tags: storytelling, the craft, tablet, Canada, The Montreal Gazette

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By Mario R. García on Dec 05, 2014

Reminiscing about a time when print occupied best seat in the house

It’s an archeological journey that I hope I don’t have to repeat for years to come (if ever): as I prepare to move from the house where I have lived 27 years, I am digging into the most remote recesses, with some lucky finds. Such as an edition of our then Garcia Media newsletter Picas & Pixels. Back to the future.

Tags: frequency, Garcia Media, media quartet, newspapers, USA

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