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By Mario R. García on May 05, 2016

Those final student multimedia projects are here

It is a spring ritual: end of the semester for my Columnbia class and the completion of the students' final assignment, the multimedia story. Here is a sampling of the few stories presented.

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By Mario R. García on May 04, 2016

Dear Tampa Tribune: many will miss you

The Tampa Tribune, a daily staple of the Tampa Bay community since 1893, ceased to exist this week. Its rival across the bay, The Tampa Bay Times, announced Tuesday afternoon that it has acquired the Tribune, ending a 29-year competitive battle in the bay region and creating the fifth-largest Sunday circulation newspaper in the nation. I enjoyed living in the Tampa that was a two-newspaper town and I am definitely sorry to see the Trib go.

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By Mario R. García on May 03, 2016

Rio Negro (Argentina): It’s a new look, philosophy for presenting the news

This week the regional daily Rio Negro has introduced a new look, new logo and a totally innovative way of presenting news and information across platforms.

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By Mario R. García on May 02, 2016

Wall Street Journal and two decades of its online edition

Watch out when you use the word "legacy" to refer to only print.  There is legacy for online, as well, and one of the pioneers in putting its newspaper edition online, The Wall Street Journal, celebrates 20 years of

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By Mario R. García on May 01, 2016

Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota’s report: not too late for publishers to read it cover to cover

Published last week, Evaluating Distributed Content in the News Media Ecosystem, analyzes the relationship of publishing houses and social media, and tells us who is doing it right. My chat with Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota here today.

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By Mario R. García on Apr 28, 2016

Designing print happily—-and having fun

Here are some recent front pages from this past week that deserve a second (or third) look. Here we have the work of art directors who are thinking creatively and not giving up on the fun simply because it is the print edition.

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By Mario R. García on Apr 27, 2016

Congratulations to two of our clients

The Gulf News of Dubai is number one among readers there, while Catholic Extension magazine wins for redesign. Two reasons to celebrate.

Tags: Catholic Extension, Gulf News

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By Mario R. García on Apr 26, 2016

The last lecture: what a difference four months make

It’s customary for me to update my Columbia students in the last lecture of the semester on issues I touched upon for the first lecture. That happened this week.

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By Mario R. García on Apr 25, 2016

They like those quality newspapers, don’t they?

At least in the UK, the quality newspapers beat their more popular, down market rivals.

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