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By Mario R. García on Sep 29, 2016

The Philippines Daily Inquirer: launching a rethink

The countdown has begun for the launch of a totally rethought and redesigned Philippines Daily Inquirer: all signals are go as our first ever project in the Philippines starts its marketing campaign to alert readers to the changes coming.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 28, 2016

The WSJ and sponsored ads—in print, too

Interesting way The Wall Street Journal uses to package its sponsored ads into one ad unit in its printed edition.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 27, 2016

The Presidential Debate on the Front Pages of US newspapers

It's the day after the most anticipated Presidential Debate in American history.  Whether you are happy with your candidate's performance, or tired of listening to the two of them and their well rehearsed lines, you can't escape the fact that it is Election 2016 and we still have six weeks to go before the voting takes place.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 26, 2016

E papers continue to fare well on tablets

It's a new study about e paper consumption by those guys at VisioLink in Denmark. The highlights: Readers in their late 50s are the main audience for e papers, and they want local and regional news and prefer e papers that expand on their print editions to offer something extra, as in keeping the finger happy.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 25, 2016

Lebanon: An Nahar turns 84 and celebrates

It’s a landmark moment for any newspaper—or human, for that matter—to celebrate an 84th birthday. For Lebanon’s An Nahar, it is a major milestone. This newspaper has faced the challenges of publishing in a war torn country where freedom of the press has not always been paramount.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 22, 2016

Some stuff to ponder about and to celebrate this weekend

A favorite website, The Correspondent, gains more subscribers; The New York Times returns the managing editor title to its masthead; some favorites win Online Journalism awards.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 21, 2016

The election and the front pages

If you are like me, you are already saturated with the never ending US Presidential election of 2016. It’s like the movie that never ends, or the 750-page novel that you got bored with after 3 chapters (or was that 2?).  It is fascinating to see how the front pages of American newspapers handle Clinton and Trump.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 20, 2016

Rethinking print still at top of publishers’ agenda

Some print editions of newspapers disappear, new printed newspapers are born, redesign projects are still on tap for newspapers around the globe.  Yes, print is still a force to deal with.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 19, 2016

The New European: new newspaper thinks young

The famous Brexit vote, which took the UK out of the European Union, brought the Brits, especially the young ones who opposed it, a new newspaper.

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