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By Mario R. García on Jul 16, 2014

TheMarioBlog on vacation until July 28

It's time for a bit of a summer break. Time to recharge our batteries, but returning Monday, July 28. But, before we pack our bag, here are some items that caught our eye recently from here and there.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 15, 2014

Būndner Tagblatt: eternal classic design lives in this Swiss daily

It's a new look---well,maybe we should say, an old look adapted to modern times for the Swiss daily Būndner Tagblatt.

Tags: design, newspapers, Switzerland, Būndner Tagblatt

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By Mario R. García on Jul 14, 2014

Is the blog as a genre in danger?

News that The New York Times is killing several of its blogs makes us ponder about the storytelling genre that became so popular 7 years ago.  What's next for blogs, not just at the Times, but everywhere?

Tags: blogs, curation, storytelling, USA, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Jul 11, 2014

When the old fashioned and traditional refuse to make an exit

Who would know? Mechanical Swiss watches, fountain pens and even trans are making an auspicious comeback.  Those industries are thriving in the face of disruptive innovation.  Perhaps newspapers could do the same---although it is a tougher proposition, no doubt, but one worth considering.

Tags: legacy, newspapers, USA, The Economist

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By Mario R. García on Jul 10, 2014

Esquire: sponsored content strategies to check

Esquire is the publication many men turn to when trying to find out what's hot to wear to a picnic or a gala.  It should be a publication we turn to now if we want to sample a different approach to sponsored content.

Tags: advertising, magazines, USA, Esquire

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By Mario R. García on Jul 09, 2014

Let’s pop the champagne for The Wall Street’s 125 years

What a fantastic journalistic tour de force it has been for the world's foremost financial newspaper of record, The Wall Street Journal. That I was able to be a small part of its history has honored and impacted me for life.

Tags: design, newspapers, USA, The Wall Street Journal

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By Mario R. García on Jul 08, 2014

The NYT’s Upshot: another friendly, useful product with news you can use

I like how The New York Times' new apps are becoming friendlier and more focused.  Perhaps some of these concepts will filter down to the print edition. Why not?

Tags: media quartet, web, USA, The New York Times, The Upshot

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By Mario R. García on Jul 07, 2014

France’s Liberation: a fighter in danger of extinction

It's not the first time in recent times that I read about the dangers lurking in the horizon for a newspaper that I have worked with, and that I have felt a certain sense of association with.

Tags: newspapers, France, Liberation

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By Mario R. García on Jul 04, 2014

United States: Happy 4th of July

It is Independece Day in the United States and a holiday.

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