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By Mario R. García on Aug 30, 2016

Three items in media news make us smile

While a lot of the media news wires bring us reports that are less than positive about the business state of the craft, here are these three items, all of which make us think optimistically.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 29, 2016

Life after print: For The Independent, digital success, at last

It’s called Plan B, or Plan C, at media organizations everywhere: the day print editions, in the traditional sense, do not exist anymore.  The Independent seems to enjoy a measure of success with its digital only strategy.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 28, 2016

Millennials like to read. Amen!

The often-misunderstood millennials DO read text, and they do so to understand and to learn more about a story. They also like visuals to accompany stories. Not surprisingly, that is what three RJI Research Scholars who spent the past year studying the effectiveness and sustainability of long-form digital journalism, tell us.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 25, 2016

Email newsletters gaining popularity

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By Mario R. García on Aug 24, 2016

And now the New York Times app En Español

The New York Times debuted a Spanish-language app dubbed NYT en Español. The app is part of NYT’s news app for Android and features all the content available on the Spanish-language website The New York Times en Español.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 23, 2016

In Holland, De Correspondent takes to book publishing

In our last blog post, we were happy to write about The New York Times publication of a piece of fiction in one of their recent Sunday editions.  Now, in Holland, Dutch site De Correspondent is using books to expand its audience.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 22, 2016

Addiction, the digital age and the perils of leaning forward too much

I debated with myself before blogging about this topic: addiction to digital media.  I don’t have a solution, and I find myself addicted at times, so how can I condemn it?  In any case, there is content here that you should not miss. So here it goes.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 21, 2016

Doing print happily at The Village Daily Sun

From time to time we celebrate the wonderful work that newspaper editors and designers do on their printed editions. Today, we salute the team at The Village Daily Sun for a high school football preview that scores a few touchdowns.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 14, 2016

The New York Times and fiction: revisiting the past

It was a happy surprise with my Sunday New York Times print edition August 7: a special section with a piece of new fiction.  Newspapers may take a page from newspapers of another era which routinely carried serialized fiction on their pages.

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