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May. 16th The marketing of the South China Morning Post relaunch

TAKEAWAY: While we labored over typographic styles, photo sizes and color palettes, the marketing department of the South China Morning Post worked right by our side for the past 8 months.  Anne Wong, marketing director, wanted to know every detail in the process before creating her campaign.  That campaign, Make Everyday Matter, has now accompanied us thru the relaunch and has enough power to become a brand statement for years to come.

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Apr. 24th TheiPadLab: e-reader apps with something extra

TAKEAWAY: Today’s iPadLab segment takes us to Austria, to the financial daily WirtschaftsBlatt, published in Vienna: its iPad app combines the intuitive turning of the page that e-readers provide, but with the ability to update selected stories throughout the day.

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Apr. 20th The iPad Lab: Creating the Advertising Suite

TAKEAWAY: Make room for ads that go beyond the linear in your news iPad app.  Let the user experience advertising content in a way that would make it easy to access and to enjoy.  Create the “advertising suite” that invites and keeps the user inside the app.

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Apr. 19th Type as expression: share the fun here

TAKEAWAY: Type—-it is more than letters, numbers and punctuation marks.  It is what gives our publications’ design that “ten seconds” of instant recognition, acceptance, rejection and, most importantly, when used well, what makes the information easy to read.  Today we look at some interesting type considerations that go beyond an analysis of ascenders, descenders and serifs. Take a look at expression through type

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Apr. 18th The universal language of design

TAKEAWAY: No matter what language or alphabet is involved in the design changes to a newspaper, website or tablet, there are some essential, universal values that prevail, as our recent work shows.

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Apr. 15th The concept of editions for news iPad apps

TAKEAWAY: It is a subject where there are not many easy, well researched answers: should a news iPad app be updated constantly, once a day, more often?  Our work with the development of five news apps to date have taught us a few valuable lessons which we share in our weekend post of TheMarioBlog.

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May. 29th Corporate Workshops | A Day with Garcia Media

The first thing we try to get our corporate communications clients to understand is why their audience is not reading their materials.

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May. 29th Garcia Evaluator for Communications

The Garcia Evaluator is a cost-effective marketing and communications management tool designed to give you a strategic view of your company’s brand image, corporate communications and sales collateral performance.

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May. 29th Your Annual Report - Beauty Without Brains?

Recently in an exhausting review of over 300 annual reports produced in the US, we have come to the conclusion that many of them fail to communicate the corporate message because they are at best unclear and worse still downright confusing.

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May. 29th Storytelling to Engage Your Corporate Audience

Every day your audience; (stakeholders, clients, institutional partners, media) are screening out more and more information as they become overwhelmed.

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May. 29th Public Transit - Making Integration Work

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