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The ever disappearing front page

The New York Times devoted a special 12-page supplement to say goodbye to a little known weekly newspaper in Minnesota as it prepared to print its last edition.

Take a look at the front page of this New York Times supplement published with the Sunday, August 4 edition:

The headline reads: A Future Without the Front Page.

Courtesy of The New York Times (

When I read that I immediately sensed that this would be a nostalgic piece about print. Indeed, it is. But it is more than that, it is a detailed profile of a weekly newspaper (The Pioneer), in a small Minnesota town (Warroad). The article is a reminder about an old journalism axiom: Don’t cover the army, cover a soldier.

We are all aware of what is happening to printed editions of newspapers, especially those small community/regional newspapers. The Times reports that over the last 15 years, about 2100 local newspapers have either merged with a competitor or ceased printing, including The Rocky Mountain News of Denver and The Cincinnati Post . In fact, The Times’ supplement shows other regional newspapers that have stopped publication:

It is a different, more touching story to have the focus on one specific newspaper, The Pioneer, which had been a fixture of the Warroad, MN, community for 121 years. The Times’ supplement showed photo after photo of local residents, raging in ages from 12 to 94, reading The Pioneer and lamenting its demise. This brought it home effectively: it is not just the loss of a newspaper, it is as losing a member of the family for many. As a reader put it:

“I’m gonna miss it. I’m missing it already.”

This supplement is part of The New York Times’ continued coverage examining the collapse of community news in the United States.

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