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The Story: glimpses of my new mobile storytelling book

This is the first of a series of blog posts between now and September 15 when The Story publishes. Take a look at what you can expect.

This is the weekend edition of TheMarioBlog and will be updated as needed. The next blog post is Monday, August 19.

Dear blog readers: The excitement is growing as the day approaches, September 15, when The Story, my new mobile storytelling book, a trilogy, appears.

I would like to take the opportunity here, in a series of blog posts, to introduce you to the book, its look and feel and what you can expect.

Notice that we try to have a central idea per phone screen. As you will see in the examples above, the treatment of many screens is as if you were looking at a mini poster, a theory that I propose and discuss at length in The Story.

The Story: a trilogy

This how a new section is introduced:

This is a “billboard” which is a way to highlight an important point:

Here we see inside screens, usually one image per screen:

A segment titled The Legacy is all about an exercise I did at the end of the process of writing The Story: I went through my other 13 published books to extract thoughts and ideas that are still as useful today as they were when written:

Mario’s speaking engagements

Nov. 12

Keynote presentation: Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS).

Order print edition of The Story from Amazo

You can order the print edition of my new mobile storytelling book, The Story, from Amazon already here:

Pre-order The Story

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The newspaper remains the most powerful source of storytelling on the planet. But technology threatens its very existence. To survive, the Editor must transform, adapt, and manage the newsroom in a new way. Find out how, pre-orderThe Story by Mario Garcia, chief strategist for the redesign of over 700 newspapers around the world.

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Order here:

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The Story will also appear in print

I am happy to announce that we will, indeed, have a print edition of my mobile storytelling book, The Story. I thank you for expressing your interest to our publisher, Thane Boulton, of Thane & Prose. Now the print edition will be a reality, and you can already see the cover and back cover here:

An interview of interest

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