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Want to own a newspaper? One available free in Alaska

It is not everyday that one can become the owner of a newspaper free of charge.

All kinds of dreamy ideas started swimming in my head when I read about The Skagway News and its current owner’s generous offer: to give it away for free to someone who cares to keep it going.

Alaska? Beautiful, but too distant for me.

But you may have a different idea.

The Skagway News is a newspaper published once a month in January, then twice a month for the rest of the year in Skagway, Alaska. The paper was established in 1897 and published until 1904, then revived in 1978. The paper is usually available on the second and fourth Friday of the month.

Its owner, Larry Persily, wrote a column announcing his intentions:

“I believe what’s best is a return to the traditional role of a small-town newspaper, where the editor is the owner and lives in town and is part of the community. That model has worked for decades in Ketchikan and Sitka, Wrangell and Petersburg, it worked when Jeff Brady owned The Skagway News and it works in Haines with the Chilkat Valley News.”

“An owner/editor who is active in the community and who knows the community and its residents can best reflect and represent those residents.”

What to do with a very local newspaper?

My interest in this story is obviously not that I would like to move to Skagway, Alaska.

However, I believe in the importance of local journalism, in the type of “across the fence” stories and conversations that are vital to people in small communities.

This could be a fun project to be “rediscovered and reshaped” in the mobile age. 

While The Skagway News appears monthly or twice a month in its print edition, and also has a website, I think that a new owner/editor/publisher might consider some type of daily newsletter, which would not have to be too long, maybe Three Things to know in Skagway today.

I would give the paper its mobile identity, with a nice S for Skagway.

I would recruit journalism students from the local high school to help with all things mobile.

And, indeed, I would make that summer guide to the area—which is a financial success for The Skagway News——a total mobile makeover, perhaps an app that would make it indispensable.

Here is an opportunity for someone young, a member of the Google generation to do some good with local journalism adapted to the modern era.

Oh, to be young and adventurous!

Read more about it here:

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