Never before as in this digital era were there so many opportunities to make good content. A good, well-told story excites audiences.
Does your audience read the news on a mobile phone? Are they looking for your brand on social networks? In the age of audience, content matters but also where you publish it.
Content cannot be separated from the experience. Readers must connect with ease and the experience must allow them to be part of a story. Today’s designer is a visual storyteller.
“We went from preparing information to be published at a certain time to publishing it hourly.” Mario García
Change happens when you take the path of innovation. The best tools are those that last over time and they are what allow us to face the challenges of disruptive changes:
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The Mario Blog

Dr. Mario García

CEO/Founder. He has worked as a design/editorial consultant in 120 countries, with projects for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), New Straits Times (Malaysia) and Aftenposten (Norway). Mario is trained as a journalist and is a specialist in mobile storytelling and transformation of newsrooms for the digital world.

Contact Mario at mario@garciamedia.com

Rodrigo Fino

Founder and vice president, García Media Latinamerica. Rodrigo manages the Buenos Aires office which caters to Latin America, as well as projects globally. He manages the firm's creative output and supervises all design implementations and client service. He has collaborated in over 170 projects with García Media, including Liberation (Francia), The Observer (Reino Unido), Grupo Reforma (México), revista El Gráfico (Argentina), Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil), El Tiempo (Colombia), O Povo (Brazil), the magazine France Football (Francia), among others.

Contact Rodrigo at rodrigofino@garciamedia.com.ar

Paula Ripoll

Founder, García Media Latinamerica. Paula is a senior art director in charge of design and of project coordination. She has been involved in over 170 García Media projects, including The Wall Street Journal (USA), Liberation (France) The Observer (Reino Unido), Grupo Reforma (México), revista El Gráfico (Argentina), Folha de Sao Paulo (Brasil), El Tiempo (Colombia), O Povo (Brasil), revista France Football (Francia), among others.

Contact Paula at paularipoll@garciamedia.com.ar

Ana Barravecchio

Ana Barravecchio is García Media's account manager and Mario García's personal assistant. Ana received a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from the University of South Florida.

Contact Ana at ana@garciamedia.com